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Founder, President, Partnership Lead, and Website Developer

My name is Eva Kosciusko and I am a current junior at Manhasset High School on Long Island in New York.  For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the medical field.  Over the past few years, though, I have been focused specifically on mental health and how it is impacted by factors such as social media, bullying, poverty, and abuse.


Through mentorship and research, I gained significant knowledge around the topic of mental health and this enabled me to work on a task force made up of school district personnel to implement processes in my school to help identify students at risk and to implement policies to improve social-emotional learning programs.  


For a broader reach, I founded Global Mental Health Community Network as a means to raise awareness about mental health issues faced by different groups in society and to tackle projects which aim to improve mental health for different groups globally.


One thing I have found especially rewarding and impactful on this journey of creating this non-profit is the strategy we put in place to team up with other organizations with our same goals...organizations looking to make a difference in the lives of others.  We have learned so much about running a non-profit, have strengthened our relationships with other socially conscious individuals, and have had a great time while making a positive impact on the communities we have focused on!


Co-Founder, Vice President, and Director of Creative Initiatives

My name is Sophia Stefanakis and I am a junior attending Manhasset High School on Long Island, New York.  I have always been passionate about the sciences and medicine and helping others.  Mental health is a rising psychological and medical concern in children and adults of all ages. I have witnessed how challenging the mental struggle can be, especially for those dealing with isolation, bullying, and academic and social media pressures.

Through Girl Scouts, of which I have been a member since kindergarten, and my involvement in many other community activities, including my school’s Student-Athlete Leadership Team and Reopening Task Force, I am continually invested in being an active, helpful member in my community and educating myself about mental health issues.  


As co-founder of the Global Mental HealthCommunity Network, I am excited to work towards improving the mental health and quality of life of others and spread mental health awareness both locally and globally.


Founding Member, Vice President
and Social Media Director

My name is Esha Brar, and I am a rising junior, attending Manhasset High School in Long Island, New York. My entire life I have been surrounded by Doctors:- my mother and aunt among others, I developed a great passion for research and science. While studying many human disease models, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Type 2 Diabetes, I also developed an interest to learn about mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders. As I understand the neurocognitive and psychological effects of mental illnesses on youth I feel the need to contribute to support and create awareness about these issues. 

             Being a high schooler, whilst pursuing several different passions and being a part of many different clubs, such as my school's fencing team, I have learned the importance of mental health, but more importantly, recognizing that during stressful moments even the best and strongest can crumble, and the mental fight that they often struggle with alone can be hard and bleak. Sometimes, even I found myself an individual to talk to or lean on, and I truly hope I can be that person for someone in need.

              Through being a founding member of the Mental Health Global Community Network, I am eager to be able to spread more awareness about mental health to different communities, but also to be able to improve the way myself and other individuals focus on mental health and being able to cope with challenging barriers that can arise. 

2021 - 2022 Junior Members


Our names are Lucienne Keyoung and Anna Kosciusko and we are 8th graders at the Manhasset Middle School. Over the past couple of years, we have become more aware about mental health and its impact in daily life. We still have a lot to learn, but we are excited to be a part of the Global Mental Health Community Network team  and to raise awareness about mental health issues and tackle projects that directly fight stressors which can lead to mental health problems. We can't wait to get started on our first project in the fall of 2021!

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