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Food Drives to Fight Food Scarcity Stress

Global Mental Health Community Network organized and completed food drives and all food collected directly benefited the underserved members of our own community. The number of families in our community relying food donations peaked at 500 per week during the pandemic.  Our organization collected about 400 pounds of food for each drive. 

IH Food Drive 33.JPG

Student Leadership Council of Island Harvest to Raise Awareness and Tackle Projects Related to Food Scarcity

All of the Global Mental Health Community Network members have teamed up with Island Harvest (joining their leadership council) to take on projects related to food scarcity - which has increased significantly as a result of Covid-19. The increase in poverty numbers can be felt in our local community and beyond, but we focused on making an impact here on Long Island.  We spearheaded efforts to raise awareness for the issue by hosting a letter-writing campaign to state legislators and worked with Island Harvest on food distribution efforts.  

Food Sorting 04.jpeg
Food Sorting 06.jpeg
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