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Lack of Education

Education for women is the key intervention and the answer to many of the problems women face.  The World Bank concluded that focusing on girls' education leads to numerous benefits, including a decrease in HIV/AIDS rates, teen pregnancy, infant mortality, and an improvement in maternal health and the economy.  While there has been significant progress in creating opportunities for women’s education, a large gap remains among men and women.  This is because many girls are forced to drop out of schools due to poverty, female genital cutting, and the reality of the household framework.  In addition, gender stereotypes prompt teachers to discriminate against women in the classroom, sometimes making them clean the classrooms and bathrooms.  This is another reason for the gap in education/ literacy rates between men and women.  It is only just to provide girls with education because education is a human right.  


A lack of education is correlated to a risk of mental disorders.


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