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Donating Supplies to New York City's Homeless Population

The organization takes on projects related to poverty in an effort to relieve the stress that poverty causes.  One project was spearheading our first coat drive where we collected over 200 winter coats and then distributed them directly to the homeless population on the streets of New York City.  Global Mental Health Community Network enjoyed partnering with Sidewalk Samaritan for coat distribution.

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Donating School Supplies to Orphans in Tanzania, Africa

In May 2021, we collected a years worth of school supplies (and games too) for 30 Tanzanian orphans. The effort was fun and we are thrilled one of our founders, Eva Kosciusko, was able to hand deliver the supplies to the orphanage in July. We loved partnering with on this effort and thank them for the introduction to this orphanage in Tanzania. Lack of education in poverty stricken areas causes many stressors and we were happy to do a little part in making education more accessible to these children.  We hope to continue this drive for years to come.





2021 - 07 - (01) - Africa Trip 18 - After Party with Oprhans 07.jpg
2021 - 07 - (01) - Africa Trip 18 - After Party with Oprhans 30.jpg

Sponsoring A Child for Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa

In January 2022, we sent $1300 to a Tanzanian orphanage to house, school and provide medical care for these two cuties. The orphanage they are going to is a very loving home that takes wonderful care of the children that live there. These kids' mother died of AIDs and their grandmother is no longer able to care for them. If you would like to contribute to their care, please see the Go Fund Me page to donate now!


Building Outdoor Kitchen and Bathroom in Tanzania, Africa

In addition to supplying school supplies to orphans, Eva Kosciusko, personally raised $8000 for the orphanage effort. This allowed funding for a new outdoor kitchen and a new bathroom and for a food donation of 100s of pounds of staples. The new kitchen allowed staff to cook for large numbers of children at once (before and after pictures are included), a significant improvement for the caretakers of the orphans. Eva and a group of 10 spent weeks in Africa, part of that time was working directly on these structural projects.

Collecting and Sorting Coats for Our 2nd Annual Coat Drive

In December 2021, we partnered with school groups and led our 2nd annual coat drive, collecting several hundred coats. These coats were delivered to NYC's homeless population in December 2021.

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